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Simba Sleep

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Simba Sleep

The Simba Sleep App enables you to break bad sleep habits, find your sleep persona and access expert guidance - without the need for a wearable tracker. Inspired by our work with experts in sleep, psychology, neuroscience and behaviour change, we want to empower you to make small positive changes to your routine - so you can improve your wellness with your eyes closed.

- Start with a simple survey of your current habits
- Create your sleep profile
- Get expert guidance to make simple changes
- Track your sleep with your phone and watch the changes over time

The world is scraping by on too little sleep. But when each person gets the quality sleep they need, they feel and act - even look - better. Plus they pass on that positivity to the people around them. We think that’s a future worth waking up to, so we’ve put the power to sleep better in your hands.

The Simba Sleep App connects to the Health app (HealthKit) to store your sleep sessions and read your resting heartbeat data to show them in a useful and beautiful way.
Simba Sleep