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Whistlebox is a safety app that can help save people’s lives on our roads. It helps keep drivers calm by playing audio files of their dear ones. There are features like FitBit Charge 2 & Apple Watch integration, music, photo & video library that act as reminders. Triggers reminder with the use of heart rate, fetched from FitBit/Watch (using HealthKit). HeartRate displayed on both Apple Watch App and iPhone App. Every triggered reminder or personal message 'prompts/nudges/reminds' the user to behave. Ultimately, the app reminds users of their obligation to their loved ones. Every use brings users closer to changing poor habits and over time of using 'Whistlebox', will learn to manage their emotional urges. In fact over 60% of road fatalities are caused by anti-social behaviour' or 'road rage'. Whistlebox will help your loved ones reach their destination safely, without any incidents.

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- Utilizes iPhone audio, photo & video library
- Personalised reminders as voice memo's
- Personalised reminders for meditation
- Personalise reminders of loved ones
- Easily share with family and friends
- Automatic messaging to loved ones when a reminder is triggered
- Nominate friends and family for instant SOS messaging
- Easily share on social media and email
Asotau Lio