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moodly music

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moodly music

Finally an amazing and custom music experience! The moodly app finds the song for every moment: tell us what is your mood via iPhone or let your apple watch do it for you.

To realize it all we measure your heartbeat via apple watch or use your feedback using the iPhone UI.

The moodly is a new app that comes to bring you a new music experience.
"It's awesome!" Cristiano, first moodler

We give you the song that your heart asks for:

Tell your humor(or let your Apple Watch tell us)
See your music history and how you've been feeling at the moment

Explore the experience to find the songs that best fits your mood at every moment with minimum effort and listen your favorite songs as a movie soundtrack in your life.
To deliver this unique experience we listen your heartbeat to keep your mood or you can choose a song to your heart to align with it.

Main resources:
Listen songs according with your mood
Listen songs that will let you in the desired mood
Use your apple watch to experience a new music streaming experience
Enjoy the songs in your preferred streaming service in a completely different manner.

Now available on apple music and soon in Spotify.
Ramon Wanderley