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Fitness Workout Log Calendar

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Fitness Workout Log Calendar

Machine, free, body weight, and cardio support! Backup to iCloud at the touch of a button!
Muscle Training Even for beginners, it is a muscle training calendar app that can be recorded easily.

how to use
1. Press the Record button on the calendar screen to move to the training menu screen

2. The training menu can be selected from "machine", "free", "self-weight" and "erobic"

3. Enter and save basic training content. Even if the training day has not been decided, you can save it without completing it.

3.1 You can turn on or off the recording of training time per set and rest time between sets.

4. If you select a saved training menu, it will be recorded on the date selected in the calendar

5. You can edit it by selecting the recorded training

6. On the scheduled training day, the part name is displayed lightly in the calendar

7. Tap on the training schedule record will be recorded in the calendar

8. You can also record your weight to check the effectiveness of your training.

9. You can check the weight you recorded on the graph.

10. You can check past training records from the recording screen. Tap the training you want to check and a list of past records will be displayed.

This app can automatically capture weight records in the health app in conjunction with the health app.

Main function
・ You can record training time and rest time between sets.
・ We will notify by notification when muscle training is scheduled.
You can back up data to iCloud.
・In conjunction with health care, you can check your weight and body fat percentage within the app.

Recommended for such people
・ I want to check the contents of muscle training with a graph
・ I want to backup data to iCloud
・ I want to export a CSV file and manage it in Excel

About the Premium Plan
・Service name
Premium plan

・Service contents
Remove all ads
CSV export function
Sorting of training records.
Multiple selection of training records.
Pause training.

【About Premium Plan Automatic Continuation Charge】
About Premium Plans
・ Payments are charged via the AppStore (iTunes account). If the automatic renewal is not canceled more than 24 hours before the term end date, the contract term will be renewed automatically. Premium plans can be canceled automatically at any time in the user's account settings.
· During the transition to the premium plan may be slow loading due to crowded Apple servers. In very rare cases, due to a defect in Apple's server, premium plan migration may fail. In that case, please try restoring using the 'Restore' button. If the restoration fails, the purchase procedure has not been completed. In that case, please purchase from the button to register again. If you purchase Apple's System Premium Plan once, you can not purchase Premium plan again. Please be assured that you will not be billed in duplicate.
・ Model change The migration of the terminal of the same Apple product can do the transition of the premium plan from 'Restore' button.
· About cancellation Even if you delete the application will not be cancellation. Follow the procedure below to cancel.
Tap 'Settings'. Tap iTunes Store/App Store. Tap 'Apple ID' -> 'Show Apple ID'. Tap 'Manage'. Tap a membership that has been enabled. Turning off the 'Auto Update' update option cancels in-app billing. You can also cancel from here. You can also cancel from here.
Explanation of Apple's official cancellation method

・ Model change, migration method
The same Apple product device migration can be migrated from the "Restore Purchase" button to the premium plan.

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