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Sculler has a single goal – to help you achieve your best 2k trial time with these features

- Easy-to-read *real-time* gauge that shows you exactly what speed you need to go to achieve your goal, given your *current position and time*.
- Gauge that shows how many more stokes you need to take to achieve the next 100 meters
- Gauge that shows your overall progress
- Shows data that is *complementary* to the standard data on your PM5 monitor. The app is designed to work in tandem with the monitor display, not replace it.

You can row at whatever pace you want, either front-loading the bulk of the meters early when you are feeling great, or start out slow and save your final push for last. It's up to you, but the app will reassure you what the optimum speed is for you at any point in the race so you don't burnout early or get too far behind.

It's much easier to hit your average pace goal precisely, down to the 10th of a second.
Michael Bishop