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Say hello to your new go-to heart health tool. Your Apple Watch passively collects data throughout the day – Cardiologic takes control with comprehensive analytics, easy data export, and beautiful visualization. Heart rate, resting heart rate, variability, and steps are some of many metrics available at a glance.

Cardiologic greets you with the daily Dashboard, presenting a live animated heartbeat along with Today's benchmarks. Trends displays colorful plots of your measurements over the past week, visualizing your heart's activity over time. And Statistics shows a detailed, bezier heart rate plot for any day in the past along with its metrics. Simply tap the Export button on a Statistics graph to swiftly share a CSV of the full dataset recorded by the Apple Watch for that day.

The companion Apple Watch app allows continuous recording for as long as you'd like.

Cardiologic uses data from the Health app to display and graph heart rate and step metrics.

Cardiologic is not a replacement for a pacemaker or electrocardiogram. See your cardiologist immediately if you have any concerns about your heart's health.
Ben Zimring