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QR Drawer

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QR Drawer

[Made by indie developer]

"QR Drawer" is a tool that can share and manage QR codes. You can do a lot with it.

- Share links face to face with QR codes. Even show a big one on the iPad.
- Add link QR codes to favorites and show them at any time from the widget.
- Open links without using the built-in browser of an app. Just copy it and open it from a magic share widget.
- Add links in the clipboard to the reading list from the widget.
- Extract links from text, Cut description texts off.
- Show favorite QR codes on the apple watch.

[Feature Details]

History and favorite:

- Save share history, you can show links in history with a tap in the history list.
- Add links to favorites, you can show them in the today widget or the main app.


- Show favorite links.

Main app:

- Show links in the clipboard, and use them when you can't open a share sheet.
- Show and edit favorite links.

Watch App:

- Show the latest favorite QR.

Link feature:

- Show a QR code of the link.
- Show a full-screen QR code.
- Save the QR code image.
- Open with other apps.
Jinyu Meng