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Pyto IDE

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Pyto IDE

Pyto is an IDE for iPhone and iPad with a Python 3.10 Interpreter and all of the standard libraries plus more than 100 third party packages, as well as a C & C++ compiler and bitcode interpreter. Includes a terminal with standard UNIX commands, a code editor with code completion, support for Shortcuts, Picture in Picture, a graphical interface builder and a debugger.

* Full version exclusive third party modules *

- Cython, cryptography, typed_ast, cv2, _cffi_backend, kiwisolver, matplotlib, numpy, pandas, lxml, Bio, sklearn, skimage, scipy, erfa, pywt, nacl, bcrypt, statsmodels, zmq, regex, gensim, astropy, emd, wasm3, yaml

* Built-in UNIX commands *

- alias, awk, cat, chflags, chmod, cksum, clang, compress, cp, curl, date, diff, dig, du, egrep, env, fgrep, find, grep, gunzip, gzip, head, host, ifconfig, link, lli, llvm-link, ln, ls, md5, mkdir, mv, nc, nslookup, open, openurl, pbcopy, pbpaste, ping, printenv, pwd, readlink, rlogin, rm, rmdir, say, scp, sed, sftp, sort, ssh, ssh-keygen, stat, sum, tail, tar, tee, telnet, touch, tr, unalias, uname, uncompress, uniq, unlink, uptime, wc, whoami, whois, wol

Take advantage system features with the following modules:

- pyto_ui - Build an user interface
- widgets - Home Screen Widgets
- file_system - iOS file system
- notifications - Schedule notifications
- remote_notifications - Receive remote notifications
- background - Run code in background
- pasteboard - Clipboard access
- userkeys - Save values on disk
- sound - Play sounds
- music - Access the Apple Music library
- photos - Accessing photos and the camera
- location - Access user's location
- motion - Motion sensors
- multipeer - Peer to peer wireless connection
- apps - Open third party apps
- xcallback - Interact with other apps
- sf_symbols - A list of SF Symbols names
- watch - Complications and static user interfaces for the Apple Watch
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