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Maps and navigation for offline or flight mode.

Share your points of interest with your watch, or create new ones directly in your watch app.

With Argonaut you will be able to store maps and navigation directions to use when there is no internet connection.

Maps created with Argonaut are completely configurable and easy to share.

Share them and get navigation in real time.

Argonaut doesn't track your activity in any way and doesn't store or have access to your location.

It is recommended to create small maps. Creating a map requires some considerable time and it might take a lot of energy and resources. Always try to create the smallest map possible, of maximum a few kilometres long.

It is better to have several small maps for different points of interests instead of having a big map. Also it requires less resources, memory, and time.

Now also supporting flight mode: Create a map between to cities or countries and follow your trip.
Agustin Iturbide