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by Actofit
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by Actofit
Actofit Beat – Heart rate monitor

Precisely track your heart rate and identify your heart-rate zones!
Actofit Beat simplifies your fitness tracking with increased accuracy in heart-rate monitoring and a very user-friendly interface. Smooth connectivity with your Apple device ensures that you can seamlessly track your fitness metrics, all within one single device, whether you are engaged in running, cycling, gymming/strength training or performing any such fitness routine.

Real-time heart-rate monitoring with Actofit Beat not only measures your heart rate but also identifies and states your heart-rate zone at which you would be operating on real-time so that you can accordingly simplify or intensify your fitness routine, making it an ideal fitness app for guided effort management. The app would also calculate the calories burnt for your routine and also generate a shareable report containing fitness metrics as per your requirement.

Quantify your efforts!

Now know exactly how much efforts are you putting in your workout routine along with your heart-rate tracking. Actofit Beat accurately calculates the calories that you burn in your session so that you can alter the calorie consumption as required according to your fitness goal! Heart-rate zone analysis along with calorie counting allows you to optimize your efforts to be put into your routine.

Sync your sessions

You can sync your workout session heart rate and calories burn data with your apple health app.

Best-in-class heart-rate sensors

Actofit Beat supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity which enables smooth heart-rate tracking over a range of 10 meters.

For more information on Actofit Beat, contact us at:

Precise heart-rate tracking and heart-rate zone analysis.
Accurately calculates the calories burnt.
Maintains and stores the log of all your workout sessions
Easy pairing with smartphones with advanced Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.