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The RNW smartphone panic button app connects residents of Roshnee to the Roshnee Neighbourhood Watch Control Room and the fleet of reaction vehicles at the touch of a button. This service is limited to residents of Roshnee.
The RNW panic button app enables Roshnee residents to instantly call RNW in an emergency.
When you press the panic button (or if you shake your phone hard to activate the panic):
- your phone starts a phone call to the RNW emergency number.
- The app automatically triggers notification messages to all the RNW Reaction vehicles, identifying them and showing the Responders where they are.
- The Controller in the Control also receives an instant notification on an Admin Panel, showing who you are, all contact details and a map of where you are.
- Your phone will send sms messages to up to 5 people that you specified when you registered. They will be able to see your exact location in real-time.
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