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The Quit Smoking App v2

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The Quit Smoking App v2

If you’re reading this, you’ve already made the determination to quit.

You’ve flicked your last butt, rolled your last roll-up and tossed away your last pack.

You’ve jutted your jaw and pronounced to friends, family and all the world that from now on you’re going to be smoke free.

Whether cutting down or going straight to zero, congratulations — you’ve taken the first big step to a happier, healthier you.
There will be part of you that is apprehensive about the smoke free road ahead.

You know there will be roadblocks along the way to weaken your resolve and tempt you into a puff.

There are as many cessation apps out there as brands of cigarettes, you can take your pick, but the Quit Smoking App simply won’t allow you to fail. Those who aren’t serious about quitting can stop reading now.

You may have tried and failed at other quitting methods before — chewed gum, slapped on a patch or vaped an e-cigarette.
We don’t believe that ‘Nicotine Replacement Therapy’ is a reliable way to stop smoking since it feeds your addiction rather than tackling the real problem: you need to take the power back.

We make sure you stay the course using commitment devices to prevent a relapse before it even happens. As well as tracking your progress and reminding you of the health and financial benefits you reap with each passing day, we supercharge your willpower with proven techniques grounded in behavioural psychology.
We recognise that we’re only human and in our busy lives we often look to quick fixes to fulfil our immediate needs. Many of our impulsive desires can be unhealthy when over-indulged, and it takes discipline to check yourself and consider how they tie into your long term goals.

The Quit Smoking App gives you the tools to win back your self control.

When cutting back, we harden your resolve by imposing a small penalty for every cigarette over your daily target.
Each time you light up we fine you a dollar and donate it to charity. Two smokes? Two bucks please. You can set as harsh a fine as you like so that it really stings.
We let you raise the stakes even higher by choosing to publicly shame yourself on social media if you succumb to smoking. That’s one Tweet you won’t forget in a hurry.

Our system is like a steely football coach. It pushes you to succeed, catches you when you fall and never lets you give up on giving up.

Our methods are underpinned by a psychological concept called ‘Temptation Bundling’ which combines ‘I Should’ with ‘Feel Good’. It takes good habits you ‘should do’ because they benefit you in the long run but procrastinate about, working out, answering emails, cleaning your apartment, and ties them with ‘feel good’ stuff you want to do right now, like watching your favourite Netflix show or drinking a glass of wine.
Dying to listen to the next chapter of Hunger Games on audio-book? Great, you can listen to it sweating on the treadmill at the gym.
Fancy a mellow cup of coffee on an easy Sunday morning? Savour it as you crunch through your finances for the week.
The Quit Smoking App is your sponsor, your new best friend, your guide on the path to being smoke free.
We’re in your court and we want to give you the greatest gift of all — freedom from smoking for good.
Kamal Elagha