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Cool, Fast, Sacoora --- 1 € = 30 minutes

Sacoora is the first european last-mile mobility platform. What's our benefit? - We care about quality. We want to bring our users joy while riding. You'll find good looking bikes, kick-scooters and general scooters on our platform. Italian design, bright colors and still good looking - not just another bike-sharing provider ;)

We call our platform the "Sacoora Forest" - based on the Sakura tree of cherry blossom. The vehicles are our leafs, the street our branches, the cities our trees and the world is our forest. Nature in it's way takes care of beauty and structure and so do we.

You can get easy around the city by finding a ride nearby, escape traffic and enjoy a refreshing journey. You can leave your wheels anywhere in our business-zone, but you can also park it and pick it up quickly afterwards, for example at a grocery store.

Download the app and start riding today!

Using Sacoora is very easy. This is how it works:

- Open the app, find a bike and then quickly sign up
- Find a Sacoora leaf nearby on the map
- Tap on the vehicle to find your way, but so reserve it so you can reach it on time. You can book for 15 minutes.
- When you're approaching your bike you can simply swipe the screen, and it will magically open. No need for fuzzy QR codes or similar.
- Now it's time to feel good and go to your destination, have a nice ride!
- Arrived at your place, put the bike or scooter at a reachable public spot, sidewalk or transport station
- Then simply pull the mechanical notch of the lock down to a closing position. The rent will end automatically after 60 sec.
- Next, you'll see the summary of your trip on the screen
- Now we hope, that you feel at least a bit more healthy and a bit more happy.

If you have questions or ideas visit us at

- After closing the lock, you have 60 seconds to either park the bike, or end the rent - if not done, we will end the rent automatically
- If you see one of our bikes broken, please let us know :))

Made with <3 in Berlin
Sacoora GmbH