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Set List Manager

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Set List Manager

Set List is designed for creating set lists for gigs. You can even share the list with band mates, updating the list mid-gig and sending the update to all their phones and they don't even need the app!

Besides creating set lists for specific gigs, you might also have a standard set for weddings or summer park performances, etc. Beyond set lists, you can use it to print out lists of songs for clients to choose from, grouped by genre, tempo, recording artist, etc., then create the playlist for the event. You could also use it prepare a plan to maximize studio time, or create simple musical programs, CD inserts, etc. The ability to export a list means you can easily bring it into another program to dress it up however you'd like.

And finally, Set List actually goes well beyond just set lists. With the ability to include a photo of the sheet music, chord chart, or tabs, etc., Set List can be your one-stop song book for performances — just bring your iPad and leave your bulky binder at home!
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