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Stop your explosion! Calm down right now! This tiny timer app may help your Anger Management.

Control your anger just right now, before blowing your lid. The Anger Management approach states that ’your very first 6 seconds’ is all the key to control your coming anger.

When you start to feel anger, irritation, or anxiety, launch this app immediately. Look at its ring and feel its tender haptics, and let you calm down during counting 6 seconds. Your anger will be released, and you will be free from troubles being caused by your anger. Make this habit when those feelings happen.

HealthKit Support:
If you allow this app to write Health Data, it records its usage time as Mindful Minutes data.
(Settings > Privacy > Health Care)

Tips for Apple Watch:
Please set AngryTimer on the top of your Apple Watch Dock. Thus this app also works in Dock thumbnail, you can make you calm down by only clicking Watch's side button.
Hitoshi OSAKA