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Ekadashi Vrats For Vaishnava

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Ekadashi Vrats For Vaishnava

Priya Vaishnava Jan, Hare Krishna
All Glories to Sri Sri Radha Madhava Ji
This app is made for Vaishnava who observes Ekadasi or Mahadvadasi Fast for pleasing Sri Sri Radha Madhava.
Since the dates of the fast are governed by lunar motion, it becomes difficult for the calendar maker to predict Parana time and dates for different geographic locations.
Nowadays technology has made it possible to predict these times with the help of software with which I have tried to make this mobile. This is an attempt in which I don’t think would have been possible with my own effort and intellect but could do it by the Grace of Sri Sri Radha Madhava and offer this creation in the Lotus feet of Sri Radha Madhava with the hope that it will help Vaishnavas observe fast in the different locations of this globe.
I know with all the work that has gone into it there must be still shortcomings and mistakes for which I seek apologies in the feet of Vaishnava jans and request to verify these dates with your local temples from where you have been already referring for these times and dates.

This app is based on the rules put forth by Goswamis for deciding the dates of Ekadasi and Mahadvadasi fast.
Only Vaishnava Ekadashi is Supported!

Technical Features of the app :
*The app is designed to show the Upcoming Ekadashi Vrat Observing date & Parana timings as soon as you open the app.
*Katha for the Ekadashi’s are also available
*Selection of current location can be done manually (latitude, longitude) or by using GPS or web database.
*Notification support is available with different frequency settings
*Home-screen widget helps to know the Upcoming Ekadashi Fast on the go
*Year Calendar View is available wherein all the Ekadasi Fasts are sorted by months
*Rules of observing Ekadashi fast are included
*Sunrise time and Brahma Muhurta Timings for the selected locations are also displayed
*Easy to use UI

You can feel free to contact us at - [email protected] for any suggestions.

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Hare Krishna
Monica Sharma