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Play 'n' Practice Pro

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Play 'n' Practice Pro

Play ‘n’ Practice is a music instrument journal to manage your repertoire and track your music instrument practice.
While offering all required information about the current practice session, Play ‘n’ Practice has been designed for a non-intrusive user experience during your instrument practice. 
The management of even complex repertoires is supported by offering several criteria for grouping work by playlists, genre, level and status.
Structured workouts aims to raise the effectiveness of even the shortest practice session by automatically selecting pieces you didn’t play for a long time, scales and arpeggios, individual playlists and more. Finally the diary and statistics supports reviewing your progress, tracking your practice and experience and continuously improving your skills.

Play ‘n’ Practice features in detail

Automated tracking of music instrument practice time
Time tracking based on the individual learning phases of a piece
Comprehensive richt text notes about the practice progress
Long term progress tracking within the integrated diary
Calendar based overview on your daily practice
Progress review, rating and notes on individual practice sessions

*Pro* Workout templates editor to create structured practice sessions
Definition of parts and pieces based on their current learning phase or individual playlists
Automatic selection of pieces, which weren’t practiced for a long time
Automatic time based rotation of pieces in the repertoire
Automatic selection of scales and arpeggio exercises based on the workout structure
Playlist based workouts to practice for a special event
Selection of individual measures on a MusicXML score to focus on difficult passages
*Pro* Integrated recording over the microphone or any other audio device available
Teaching metronome for gradual improvement of difficult passages
Integrated YouTube media player to view referenced videos and tutorials during a workout
Quick navigation between pieces in the workout list
Capability to add other pieces you want to practice on-the-fly during your workout
Inline and full-screen sheet music viewer

Over 3000 pieces registered within the inbuilt database
Predefined ABRSM levels (piano grade) on most pieces
Access to millions of classic and modern works from the MusicBrainz database
Integrated navigator through the registered repertoire based on genre, form, status etc.
Playlist management to group pieces according to the users preferences
Comprehensive description of genre, form and period for easier selection
Reference management for sheet music, videos and web sites also made available during practice
Additional user defined rich text notes
Direct play to immediately start a piece based practice session and track practice time

Integrated sheet music viewer, no need to switch to a different app
Individual annotations, text, freehand and shapes for PDF sheet music on the fly
Selection of individual measures when using MusicXML sheet music
Selectable Inline-viewer for individual measures
Top-bar timer and control complication in full screen view
Support for bluetooth foot pedal for page flipping *PDF only, select iOS viewer*

Table and charts statistics showing practice time by selectable date spans
Individual piece statistics for practice time and learning phases
Integrated navigation from a chart item to the daily pieces statistics
Arno Pernozzoli