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Sub4 for Distance Runners

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Sub4 for Distance Runners

Sub4 is a workout management system designed around the Apple Watch and Apple's HealthKit — for distance runners of all ages — runners who train for cross country, track or road races. Runners who perform intense and often insane interval workouts like …

- Intervals
- Hills
- Tempo Runs
- Hard Runs
- Speedwork
- Cutdowns
- Time Trials
- Races (xc, track, road)


(1) Sub4 for Apple Watch records your workouts.
(2) Sub4 for iPhone reads, summarizes and displays workouts.

The Sub4 system focuses on the quality portions of runs and workouts, gathering and storing metrics by the mile, kilometer, and workout split – tracking and reporting all progress in realtime – and then summarizing your workouts both on Apple Watch and Runner’s Log on iPhone.


Sub4 for Apple Watch is designed and dedicated to workout management for distance runners. In addition to time and pace reporting, Sub4 guides you step-by-step, reporting splits, keeping rests honest, and all the while recording all sorts of workout data metrics – in granular detail.

Sub4 for Apple Watch can not only handle “pre-planned” workout situations, Sub4 has built-in support for the unexpected ones, like the dreaded DNF. Life happens, Sub4 offers options. Perhaps you should “skip” the interval and catch your breath? Sub4 understands.

On the iPhone, the Sub4 Runners Log… readings, summarizes and reports your glorious running history in grand detail, with bright graphs and quality vs. quantity data breakdowns. Monthly, weekly and daily summaries are standard. Pace Zone and Heartrate Zone graphs too.


All Sub4 workout data is safely and securely stored in your HealthKit database. This means it’s preserved even if Sub4 is deleted or you switch iPhone’s and re-install Sub4. All thanks to Apple. Too cool.


Sub4 for Apple Watch lets you know when weather data is received. Pay attention. Launch Sub4 and tie your shoes. Stretch. When you raise wrist, look for a tiny weather icon on “THE MENU”. If necessary, repeat until it appears, but sure this icon is visible — before you setup any workout.


Sub4 for Apple Watch was designed not just to understand workouts, but to be prepared for the expected -and- unexpected. Perhaps you twisted an ankle? Forgot to eat and feel sick? No problem. Force press. Sub4 allows you to skip the interval or end the workout entirely, or rest as long as needed, just hit ‘skip’ again to begin next interval. Now that’s cool.

Sub4 is vocal. Sub4 guides runners through interval and rest periods with realtime visual, audio and haptic feedback. Make sure your audio is enabled and turned full blast. Same for haptics.

One ding means go — Two dings means stop.

Oh, and when setting goal paced workouts, pay attention to your active workout. Your screen will change colors to reflect whether you’re on pace – or not. It’s accurate to +/- 6 seconds. See Sub4 watch > scroll down to settings, adjust as desired.

Red screen or split = fast
Green screen or split = good
Yellow screen or split = slow


While Sub4 does not yet offer its own watch face, our system does feature two cool complications for your Apple Watch. One is just a tiny corner icon shortcut, but the other - kicks ass. Its a modular utility watch-face complication that summaries your most recent workout.


Remember, this is just the beginning. Our goal is to move our sport forward by introducing more features, capabilities, and apps for distance runners, coaches and teams – but we can’t change the world without your support. If you love Sub4, rate the app and tell a friend.

Best wishes!
Sean Rice