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Sencha | Tea

by Sencha
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Sencha | Tea

by Sencha
A beautiful steeping timer + high-quality Japanese green tea.

+ Brew the perfect cup with our scientifically calibrated steeping timer.
+ Order top-quality Japanese tea directly to your door.
+ Subscribe to a monthly tea plan.
+ Cultivate a healthy lifestyle with tea.
+ Our tea is made by tea producers of over 300 years.

Welcome to Sencha. Our purpose is to help you have wonderful experiences with tea. We provide authentic tea sourced from Japan alongside in-depth instruction for brewing delicious cups of tea. We believe that tea is a means to connect with the present moment, and we encourage a lifestyle of contemplative tea drinking.

+ Steeping Timer
Our steeping timer uses your device's barometer, Newton's Law of Cooling, and your personal preferences to first cool freshly boiled water to the ideal temperature, then ensure that the tea steeps for the ideal duration. Simply choose a tea, tap begin, and follow the instructions. A perfect cup awaits you.

+ Top-grade Japanese Tea
We source our sencha, matcha, gyokuro, hojicha, and genmaicha from Japanese tea producers of over 300 years and more than 14 generations. One century ago, this tea was served to the emperor of Japan and declared one of Japan's best products. All of our tea is high-quality, authentic, and crafted with love.

+ Monthly Tea Plans
We recommend drinking tea every day, and our monthly tea plans make forming a healthy tea habit easy and natural. Save 10% automatically and get free shipping with our monthly plans. Easy to cancel, upgrade, downgrade, or skip a month.

+ Tea Streaks + Tea History
Track your tea drinking in-app with your own current and best tea streaks, history charts, and nutritional tracking.

+ Nutritional + Mindful Minutes Tracking
Sencha integrates with Apple's Health app, making it easy to track your nutritional intake from tea and contribute to Mindful Minutes. Learn more at

+ Support for Custom Teas
Add a custom tea including color, name, steeping temperature, and steep duration. Custom teas support multiple steepings and are available across devices, including Apple Watch.

+ Cloud Sync
Sync tea streaks, tea history, and order history across devices automatically.

+ Apple Watch Experience
Brew the perfect cup directly from your wrist.

+ Apple Pay
Easily checkout with Apple Pay, and tea will arrive at your door. Apple Pay is available for placing both single orders and monthly tea plans.

Thank you for drinking tea with Sencha. We're thrilled to be serving you in your journey with tea!

- The Team at Sencha


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