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wearabouts inc

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wearabouts inc

Remotely manage your health, fitness, efficiency, & fatigue using wearabouts the secure real-time & historical biomedical location tracker.

Wearabouts uses Health app data from your Apple Watch* combined with GPS to track your location, heart rate, and physical motion in real-time, visible only to you and those you authorize through the wearabouts dashboard.

Wearabouts can even broadcast your real-time health, location & workout data from the watch without an iPhone nearby!*

When you press start on the watch the wearabouts iOS application starts uploading your location, Health App, & motion data in real-time to wearabouts secure cloud service for real-time & historical visualization on the wearabouts dashboard in the app or on the web.

Wearabouts understands that your privacy is valuable and will only track your location, Health App, & motion data when you initiate a wearabouts session by pressing the "Start" button and will cease all location, health, & motion data updates as soon as you press the "Stop" button. Wearabouts will only track you when you want it to and you have complete control over exactly who has access to view your data.

Wearabouts will never sell your private information to a third party. You are in complete control of the data you send to wearabouts and can delete your account at anytime.

To view the wearabouts web dashboard please go to

*Apple Watch series 3 & above w/GPS required

*Apple Watch series 3 & above w/GPS & Cellular required
Wearabouts Inc