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Time Your Run

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Time Your Run

Time Your Run is a stopwatch and activity tracker for your Apple Watch. It focuses on timing precision and reliability. It has been purpose built for the Apple Watch and runs independently of your iPhone.

Some of the features include:
• Start and stop the timer reliably using a digital crown + side button press. This is far more reliable than using an on-screen button (which can fail if the watch is asleep, you accidentally press too hard or you have sweaty fingers!).
• Take regular lap times/splits and view them all in a scrollable list.
• Start the timer on demand... No 3 - 2 - 1 countdown nonsense.
• Time accurately to tenths of a second.
• View the session details in the iPhone Health App.

The app has been developed by a runner for other runners who want a more reliable timer on their Apple Watch. If you like using this app please purchase it so we can fund new features. Purchasing the app will remove the nagging screen.
Stephen Archer