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smartscore for tt

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smartscore for tt

Play table tennis with full focus and never lose track of the score again! Introducing smartscore - the ultimate scorekeeping app designed to enhance your table tennis experience.

- Scoreboard with two distinct color schemes for enhanced visibility
- Choose from various table tennis score systems
- Enjoy visual and audible guidance for seamless gameplay
- Input points remotely via Bluetooth, ensuring convenience for players
- Umpires can input points with ease
- Scoreboards available for both players and audience
- Extend the range and possibilities with bridges
- Dive into meaningful match statistics after the match is completed
- Export and import match data

smartscore simplifies the score tracking by allowing both players to use their own Bluetooth capable devices to input their scores. This convenient feature ensures a smooth game flow, enabling players to fully focus on their table tennis match.

The score is not just easily changeable, but also displayed on supported Bluetooth devices. This provides players and the audience with a clear overview of the match, enhancing the overall experience.

Furthermore, statistics give the players valuable insights after each completed match.

Simply put: Tap, Display and Analyse the Score of your Table Tennis Match!
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