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Are you in search of a simple prompt journal app?
Or do you need a guided gratitude journal with I am affirmations?
Do you also want manifestation apps with a vision board and dream board for manifestation and law of attraction practice?

You need the Gratitude app which seamlessly blends 5 amazing features in one app:

1. Guided gratitude journal with prompts
2. Positive self affirmations
3. Vision board to manifest your goals
4. Daily zen section with motivation quotes, stories, articles to stay focused on your goals and mental health.
5. Log Mindful Minutes in your Apple Health App

Write about what you are grateful for fast and easy and make it a part of your morning routine. You can set up 3 journaling reminders. Our prompt journal app sends notifications with journal prompts like ‘What made you smile today’ or ‘What was the best part about today’. You can use these guided journals prompts to think about new things to be thankful for and add images to your journal entries. You can also reflect on your days. Here is how to use the manifestation journal:

- use the journaling prompts to know what to write about if you are out of ideas. A good start is to write 3 good things that happened in the day.
- create memories by adding photos to your thankful prompted journal
- set daily journal colors to reflect the mood and use our daily journal app as a mental health tracker too
- set my gratitude journal reminders

The next section is writing/reading positive affirmations for some pick me up motivating self talk. You can discover new affirmations or create your own to practice positive self-talk. Examples are I am worthy, or I am enough. Here is how to love yourself with some positive self-talk and self love:

- pick up to 5 life values that are important to you
- arrange to life values in order of importance
- you will get free affirmations for each life value
- add any affirmation to “my affirmations” by tapping the + icon
- practice positive affirmations daily by reading or listening to them
- edit the affirmation text, background color, add images as backgrounds and more.
- set affirmations reminders

Our daily gratitude journal and affirmations app also allows you to create a vision board to focus on your goals and dreams. The vision boards are a great manifestation tool that help you stay focused on your life goals as well as to practice the law of attraction. Here you can:

- pick a goal and create multiple vision boards
- add photos to your vision board
- generate reals based on the section of your vision board

Visit our Daily Zen section whenever you need daily motivation, happiness reminders, gratitude, and inspiration. There you can discover daily motivation quotes, stories, articles, tools, and more self-help content!

Gratitude app saves the time that you spend mindfully in the app to your Apple Health App.

Most of our users have made a morning routine to write their zen journals, practice affirmations, and visualize. The gratitude app is a great diary journal tool to focus on the positive, become more mindful, and live a purposeful life with intention and positivity.

Happiness is with you!
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