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1. Figure out the amount of work required to achieve your goal. 2. Create your process. 3. Forget about the results, focus on doing the process over and over. Eventually you're going to get the results.

* All in one screen design
* Today Widget allows you to quickly view your progress
* 3D Touch support for the fastest way of adding your progress
* Support for all Apple Watch Complications, to always keep an eye on where are you at
* Apple Watch app allows you to add and check your progress on your wrist
* Intelegent notifications

The best way to achieve your goals is to create process and follow it.

If you keep on doing the process, you're going to eventually get the results.

But if you keep focusing on results then you are never gonna get there, you are gonna be upset, angry and frustrated.

You don't aim for what you wanna get. Instead you need to figure out the process to get what you want, and you do the process over and over again.

Don't worry about the results, focus on doing the process over and over.

Don't worry about the perfect results, just worry about doing what you have to do.