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Hercules Workout

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Hercules Workout

HERCULES is a tool thought and created to help you to evolve your workouts in the most efficient way. The app was planned to create a seamless experience with your workouts. You can plan all your workouts, register your results and have access to all your training history in seconds.

With HERCULES you leave behind old ways of tracking your workouts in exchange for a much more intelligent, fast, elegant and intuitive tool. Perfect from beginners to experienced Bodybuilders and Powerlifters.

Featured by Apple as one of the best apps to workout.

“Created by Brazilians from Apple Developer Academy, Hercules is a great choice for who workout” - MacMagazine


- Create UNLIMITED custom workout templates;
- Over 300 exercises in our database;
- Custom exercises creation;
- Detailed history with all executed workouts;
- Log your executions with ease;
- Supersets execution;
- An awesome "Rest" approach between your exercises;
- Imperial and Metric support;
- See a quick summary of your ongoing - and previously concluded - workouts;
- Sync your data - with Login - FOR FREE.
- Execute your workout through Apple Watch seamlessly connected with your iPhone.


Execute your templates directly from your Apple Watch! It’s not necessary to be with your iPhone at the gym, just execute your template from your Apple Watch and Hercules will take care from the rest.
When they are near, Hercules will sync all data and guarantee that nothing will be lost!
Obs.: you need to have the templates synced with your Apple Watch at least once!


All workouts sessions executed from your Apple Watch will be available at Health app. Hercules also measure your caloric expenditure during your workout and sync it with Health as well.

We would love to hear anything that you liked or disliked about Hercules! Please consider leaving your review or contacting us to leave feedbacks/suggestions. You can find us at our social networks:


Or through our contact email if you want: [email protected]
Jonata Santos