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Contact Map Pro

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Contact Map Pro

• "Contact Map Pro" offers you a map with countless possibilities. You can see all the addresses of your contacts on the map and place as many pins as you want.

• Your contacts are displayed as pins on the basis of the stored address data from the phone book. You can import all or only the contacts you want.

• You can also place an unlimited number of pins at any location.

• Import contacts
- All contacts
- Select contacts
- Update contacts

• Create unlimited pins
- 3 pin colors / 9 marker colors
- At the current location
- At any location
- Move on the map
- Title and address is displayed directly on the map

• Information about each pin
- Title
- Images
- Notes
- Distance to current location
- Address is loaded automatically and can be edited manually

• More features:
- Call contacts directly from the app or contact them by mail.
- Search function - Search for cities, restaurants, stores and more
- List of all pins with search function - Ordered alphabetically, by date or as desired
- 3D Touch Shortcut for quick location marking
- Create CSV files of your pins
- Location and compass function
- Share pins
- Display pins in the maps app
- Set the preferred map type (standard, satellite, hybrid)
- Various settings
Nicolas Schotten