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CDA is the application for iPad that allows you to efficiently manage and secure the Boards of Directors and Executive Committees of banks and companies. You control the documents and verify the data, all digitally, eliminating paper and optimizing time and costs. We manage all stages, from sending the convocations to the definition of the agenda, from the confirmation of attendance to the management of communications. A system much more secure of paper to protect the information but also simple to use.

CDA allows for significant improvements in all phases related to the organization of a Board of Directors and a Committee. The counselors can learn more efficiently to take the most appropriate decisions for the governance of their organization. Enforcement officials can prepare documents on a Web portal and send updated versions to iPads. Data protection is total, since all the information stored in the system are encrypted. CDA also provides a multi-company system for large groups: a single server installation, you can manage multiple boards of directors.

To use CDA for iPad you must download the application (free) and buy a software licence from X DataNet. To request specific information about this business app, please contact X DataNet to find the best solution for your needs.
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