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Box Breathe

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Box Breathe

Fast life pace requires an efficient tool for stress relief. You don't need a forest, ocean or a rain to relax. In most cases a simple breathing session is all it takes. No matter where you are - in a gym, office, or stuck in a traffic jam - Box Breathe app will help you calm in a matter of seconds.

Box breathing is a technique of taking slow and deep controlled breaths, divided into 4 steps with equal duration. It allows you to improve muscle and brain performance through better oxygen consumption, as well as relieve stress and anxiety by putting your mind and body into a calming rhythm.

Athletes can use box breathing with increasing intervals to restore normal breath and allow more oxygen into the blood flow after intense workouts.

As a form of controlled breathing, this technique can be incorporated into meditation to clear your mind and put your thoughts together.

The 1.5 [unboxed] edition of Box Breathe also makes it possible to customize each breathing step separately from the rest, allowing you to create a breathing cycle that feels most comfortable at this moment.

Medical studies show that techniques of deep controlled breathing render positive and calming effect on the autonomiс nervous system, which in turn regulates all basic body functions. Practicing box breathing before bedtime can help you fight insomnia.

Box Breathe app offers clear visual guidance through each of four box breathing steps and introduces simple and intuitive, yet highly customizable design:

■ choose between eye-comforting light or dark interface themes depending on your environment
■ use cycle timer to define how long you want your breathing session to last
■ set equal or separate duration for each breathing step that feels most suitable for you
■ in equal phase mode, change duration while in active session with a simple swipe to adjust your breathing tempo
■ choose one of subtle sounds to mark beginning of each next breathing step
■ on iPhone, each step can be accompanied with vibration and flash
■ Apple Health integration
■ Apple Watch app includes a heart rate monitor to check your physical progress during box breathing session
■ Apple Watch app works in background, tapping your wrist to mark each following breathing step.
Denys Triasunov