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Mesh Developers Toolkit

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Mesh Developers Toolkit

Mesh Developers Toolkit has been built on goTenna.

The Mesh Developers Toolkit allows incoming messages to be parsed with an inbuilt JavaScript interpreter and the results sent back to the goTenna which generated the message.

Examples of how this can be used is to get weather data from a API or forward messages to a notification service, for example Pushover.

Alternatively, incoming messages can be forwarded to an external web service or URL schema, for example allowing messages to be parsed using Pythonista.

Mesh Developers Toolkit also includes an inbuilt webserver which allows an external device to send messages via a connected goTenna, for example to send a broadcast from a Lightning Detector running on a Raspberry Pi.

Mesh Developers Toolkit also implements a URL schema which allows other Apps on the iOS device to send messages.

For example a short cut can be implement using a home screen widget and the Workflow App.

This "Devices" tab lists any devices you have a location for and you can use the iOS device’s camera to give you a visual bearing to the device. When the camera is being used you can get the bearing to a different device by clicking on it’s name when it is displayed.

You can send messages and find requests to individual goTennas, again by swiping left on the device id.

You can also use third party navigation applications to get a route to a device, currently supported Apps are “Apple Maps”, “" and “Navigon”.


When the Mesh Developers Toolkit App is first launched it will prompt for the GUID to be set, we recommend that this is set to the same value as in the goTenna App.

Once this is set when you change to the Messages tab, the App will automatically pair with the goTenna in the same way as the goTenna App.

Once the GUID is set the App will automatically pair with the goTenna when it is launched.

Note: To provide web services this App runs in the foreground and does not idle which will reduce battery life therefore we recommend that it is run using external power, although this can be disabled in the settings.

The Watch App allows you to:

• Get a compass bearing and the distance to a goTenna.

• Send a pre-defined message to an individual goTenna.

• Send a pre-defined shout to all goTennas.

• Send a find request to all GoTenna’s Mesh Developers Toolkit has positions for.

• Show a GoTenna’s position on the Maps App.

A Javascript command:


Allows you to send a message to your Twitter account.

The tab “Twitter Bridge” allows you to setup your Twitter API keys and Authenticate with Twitter (see

This tab also allows you to switch on rebroadcasting of your Twitter feed as goTenna shouts.
Peter Cole