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Developed by me, an 18-year-old young developer. Completely FREE. This app will help you to record glucose values (as a logbook), and provide you with an analysis based on your steps, and food intake.

- Easily record your glucose measurement values, and this will be automatically synced to other devices (all the devices must be logged in with your iCloud account).
- Using the steps your device recorded from Health, this app will analyze the steps you walked different days to see the influence of exercising on glucose values
- Use Voice Recognition to record the food you have eaten and medicines you have taken
- Track the medicines you have taken from the Home screen in the app. Never forget whether you have taken medicine​ or not.
- Note that this app cannot connect to​ glucose measuring devices, but you can import measures from outside apps.
- Filter records based on range, date, medicines taken, or meal period.
- Check your average values, view a chart, average steps and many other data in the Health tab in this app.
- View a chart of the healthy percentage of your measures in different meal periods in AR.
- View your glucose measurements on Apple Watch.
- Receive articles on how to become healthy

Your Privacy Matters.

- As a developer, but also as a user of the Internet and the App Store myself, I know you don't like the registration process, so, why don't we omit that? Without registering, you do not need to provide any personal information to start using this app, and GlucoSecrets uses Apple's iCloud account (iCloud CloudKit Private Database) to store and securely sync measurements to your other devices, which means other people, even I myself, won't be able to see your glucose measurements. This allows you to sync these data (also back them up) without worrying about privacy and security.

- This app is designed to respect your privacy. And every future features will be designed based on that rule.

Note: This app only serves as a logbook. All the diagnosis only serves as a reference. All the information in this app cannot replace your doctor's professional recommendation. Please report any health conditions and glucose values to your doctors. Please confirm all the information, including the normal glucose range, recommended steps, and recommended calories value to your doctors before using this app, and adjust these values in the more section. All the recommendations and information provided by this app must be confirmed with your doctors if necessary. Please contact the ​emergency line if you have emergency medical conditions. The developer doesn't take any responsibilities for any damages, health issues, or other problems caused by using this app or any information in this app. Note that this app isn't developed by medicinal professionals. If you have any questions about​ apps, or about privacy policies, please contact me by clicking "Contact Support" button on this page.
Shunzhe Ma