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TimeTick Analyzer

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TimeTick Analyzer

The simple TimeTick Analyzer that monitors the daily, weekly and monthly schedule of a person. User can create categories like personal, work, office etc., and can start start & stop each task. In that way, user can track their activities through this application.

Disciplined lifestyle is the key to success and making a perfect schedule and maintaining that strictly is very important to lead the methodical life. Making a proper schedule to get into a disciplined life becomes very simple through an easy time tracking application. Get the TimeTick Analyzer app and start tracking daily, weekly or monthly time.

TimeTick Analyzer is a user-friendly & easy to understand. Easy using, lightweight and powerful build up makes the application practical in the market. As people are finding more and more success nowadays, therefore, everybody should work hard. Time tick is the best time analyzer application that would help the people to organize and analysis of each work completed in how much time

Important Features:

- Define Categories to manage your tasks effectively
- Create and manage tasks by assigning specific color
- Search task easily from any category or within category
- Start task just tapping on task and stop with single tap
- You can write notes for each task
- Track multiple tasks simultaneously
- You can set pre-defined time for task then just tap on start when you will start working on it and once time up then you will get notified for the same.
- View history of all tasks to view details of each task
- You can Copy/Delete tasks from history
- Nice interface to see all running tasks in case single or multiple tasks are in execution
- Analysis of all your tasks by generating charts by specifying specific date range, month, 7 days & Today
- Full screen charts to analyse all tasks and switching between 2 different charts Pie & Bar chart with comprehensive information
- Export CSV with listing of each tasks details & chart image then share it via email
- Backup and Restore through iCloud

As the best smartphone tracking & scheduling app has the options to stuff professional and personal tasks both, therefore, people can utilize it for setting their lifestyle orderly manner. According to the feature, this app is the most essential option for enhancing the productivity of life.

We would love to hear your suggestions & feedback:

- We will do our best to improve app to meet as per your expectation and fit with your all needs. Please send all your suggestions on [email protected]

As soon as we will receive, we will start analyse and do our best to release in new version
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