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GPS Odometer HD

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GPS Odometer HD

GPS Odometer is an application which allowed to measure distance.
It might be usefull during driving a car, running, walking or even doing gardening.
You can also record more than one trip to get distance of all distances. What's more,
your distance is transformed to burned calories.

- Do not try to test the application by pacing around in the same small area.
- Satellite based GPS location does not work well indoors or near large structures.
Many apps use network based location because it does work indoors, but
it is not accurate enough for use with this app. If the location icon is
not solid in your status bar, that means your PHONE can't acquire a
satellite GPS fix in that area.

- more accurate comparing to other apps
- includes pause/resume for each trip
- each trip can be start separately
- includes a blocking system which prevent from clicking by mistake (by chance)
- includes displacement
- approximates distance travelled in some GPS dead spots such as driving through a
tunnel by adding the as-a-bird flies distance to your trip.
- resuming measure distance after resume
- addded simply chaning views from distance to calories

- choose between average or current speed
- receive notifications at given distance intervals
- receive a notification to turn off after no movement for some time (the 2 minute option is only recommended for testing)
- keep screen awake
- 3 coordinate options: decimal, DMS, DM

Distance units include:
- kilometers
- miles
- nautical miles
- meters
- feet

Speed units include:
- kilometres per hour
- miles per hour
- nautical miles per hour
- meters per second
- feet per second

What this application does NOT do:
1. Does not record your route. Each trip has a start location (to
calculate displacement), a last location, and a next-to-last location.
No record of where you go is saved other than that. Only distance and
2. No location information ever leaves your device in satellite only GPS mode.
3. No maps. Only distance.
4. Will not well if your trip is limited to a small area. For example,
driving in tight circles or gardening on a normal size residential property.

- custom calculator. Uses include taxi fare and calories burned while
exercising. Each trip can have a different custom calculator.
Andrew Neal