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Video Capture The Moment

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Video Capture The Moment

You don't need to record long video - simply capture the action that already happened! Don’t waste your time on long and boring video editing!

Set buffer time, wait for the event to happen and press record. The app will save buffer content and the part from when you pressed start. The movie will keep recording until you press stop.
You can use Video Capture The Moment with your Apple Watch.

This app is great for filming sport events or training sessions. You don’t have to record whole event - just capture the moment that matters! It's also used by basketball referees to check, if there was a foul or double dribble. Coaches use it to record students activity, when something worth analysing happens.

You can also capture funny or memorable moments while filming babies or kids. You have a dog or a cat - pets can be really unpredicted, don’t let them surprise you!

Video Capture The Moment will save your time and your device storage!

Important: when you move your device you need to manually adjust orientation - simply press red blinking icon. It will reset and rebuild the buffer with current view.
You can also enable auto-refresh buffer and orientation in Settings.

Main features:
video recording,
portrait and landscape orientation,
camera switch,
buffer reset,
setting buffer time, resolution and FPS.
michal bojanowicz