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Die Plaaswag Reaksie Mag

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Die Plaaswag Reaksie Mag

Stuur direkte Paniek boodskappe na jou nabye plase om hulp te verkry in ‘n noodgeval op jou presiese GPS ligging. Laat ons beheerkamer toe om te help met mobilisering van jou gemeenskap in ‘n noodgeval.

- jou paniek binne sekondes
- Jou nood kontakte sal ‘n boodskap ontvang met jou GPS ligging wat elke 30 sekondes opdateer word indien jy beweeg.
- Jou foon sal onmiddelik ook jou gekose nood nommer begin skakel bv. Jou buurman, polisie of hoof van jou lokale plaaswag.
- Ons skakel jou nie terug nie maar ons beheerkamer skakel namens jou nog 4 ekstra noodnommers van jou keuse om seker te maak hulp is oppad.
- I dont want this feature, not even opt in
- I dont want this feature or opt in either
- Ontvang boodskappe van misdade en verdagte aktiwiteite naby jou deur die app.
- Meld maklik misdade en verdagte aktiwiteite aan met jou app.
- Sien besonderhede van hierdie misdade en verdagte aktiwiteite op ‘n kaart binne jou app.
- Laat ons beheerkamer jou bewegings monitor as jy in ‘n gevaarlike area binnegaan
- Neem klank op
- Genereer inligting om misdade op plase te beveg

Gebruik jou app en jou gemeenskap om aktief misdaad te beveg en te voorkom

Send instant Panic alerts to your surrounding farms, security group or the police to come and help you at your exact location.

- activate your panic with one touch from your phone.
- Even if you can't speak or are on the move, your emergency contacts will receive an SMS notification with your actual location which is updated every 30 seconds so you can get help
- your phone will start calling the emergency number you selected (such as the police, or your security group).
- receive notifications of crimes or suspicious activities near to you.
- easily report crimes and suspicious activities and automatically notify people in your community.
- view crime locations and hotspots on a map.
- allow us to track your location if you are going into a situation you are nervous about.
- record audio with one touch (to, for example, record an official soliciting a bribe).
- generate data to combat crime.
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