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CSee Coin

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CSee Coin

Introducing the CSeeCoin for BTC Markets - the ONLY companion app that allows you to fully manage your BTC Markets portfolio. Don't settle for a flimsy half-baked mobile website. Use an actual app!

Using CSee Coin you'll be able to closely monitor your portfolio and the price of cryptocurrencies (or crypto-assets) on Australias leading marketplace in REAL TIME.

Features include:
- View real-time price of currencies on BTC Markets (
- Login to your BTC Markets portfolio and track the value of your portfolio.
- View coin balance on hardware wallets like MyEtherWallet, Ledger, TREZOR or Bitbox. Simply scan your public key!
- Manage your BTC Markets orders from right within the app. You can create, view and cancel orders that you have created on BTC Markets.
- Interactive candlestick graph of currency
- Gorgeous 24hr change graph
- See the current price of your most cherished coin as an app badge on your home screen
- Tell the world whats going on by sharing on social media
- iMessage app
- Apple WATCH app with full complications support
- Night mode to give your eyes a rest
- Today screen widget
- Reorder your coins

Features coming soon!...
- Price alerts
- What you ask for!.... Please use the "Contact Us" form to reach out to us.

Currently supports the following trading pairs:
- AUD / BTC (Bitcoin)
- AUD / LTC (Litecoin)
- AUD / ETH (Etherium)
- AUD / ETC (Eth-Classic / Etherium Classic)
- AUD / XRP (Ripple)
- AUD / BCH (Bcash / Bitcoin Cash)

Please note this is not the official BTC Markets app. It has been created and shaped by loyal users just like yourself. Please provide feedback as to what you like and dislike so that we can all use the best app possible.
Sushant Verma