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Dark Puzzle

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Dark Puzzle

In a not so far future, humanity is controlled by a select elite with the help of a powerful Artificial Intelligence.

It all began in year 2018 inside of Dark Laboratories, a mysterious and unknown research organization that performed many experiments on the human mind to find ways to control it and to create an Artificial Intelligence that outperforms it.

The first experiment and the first step that started the dark future we live in was a project codenamed Dark Puzzle. It was created to look like an innocent and simple memory game where participants were guided by a voice and asked to complete a series of levels. Our records have no further information about this experiment.

We are the last resistance group that is still free, a small group of persons who didn't submit to the new system and who lived in the shadows for a long time.

In order to find ways to counter Dark AI, we need to understand the beginnings of Dark Laboratories and to have more data about Dark Puzzle. We have managed to create a device to communicate with the past, but unfortunately we can't travel there ourselves.

If you receive our message and happen to live in that period, please infiltrate Dark Laboratories, take part in the experiment and report to us about it. You may be the last hope for humanity.

And if possible, invite others to join you, this will help us even more.
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