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Muse Now

by Muse
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Muse Now

by Muse
• Muse Now focuses on the week ahead by answering two simple questions:

1) What should I focus on next and
2) What will happen between now and then

• How does it work?

We combine your calendar and reminders into a countdown timer. It is the perfect companion to your Apple Watch: just lift your wrist to focus on what's next.

• Don't have an Apple Watch, yet?

Muse Now also works on your iPhone and iPad. To open, just tell Siri "open muse now" create a Siri Shortcut to custom views like "show work" or "show home".

With iPad, setup Muse Now as a Slide Over. Simply slide on from the right to see what's next and then slide off. Slide on. Slide off. Slide on Slide off.

• Do you have an original Apple Watch?

Muse Now will work on that collectable Series 0 watch. While, it won't support the beautiful full color complications, it still runs well. So, go ahead; rock that original Edition at your next "classic" rally.

• Here is our guarantee:

You own your own data, which only you can see. While we do measure usage, we never have access to your personal timeline and we never will.