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Hola Messenger

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Hola Messenger

Hola is a mobile application for free and secure online communication.

You can:
 - quickly exchange text, video and audio messages with friends,
 - for free to call Hola users around the world
 - Share any files, photos and documents
 - to conduct live broadcasts
 - use stickers to express your emotions more clearly
Hola allows you to create small group chats for communication with family, friends, colleagues. But that's not all! You can also create supergroups with an audience of up to 30,000 participants! For example, if you are a blogger or politician, you are tempted to open up a tempting horizon. And if this is not enough - use the service "Channels" ...

CHANNELS do not have restrictions on the number of subscribers! Create your own private or public channels of all kinds of focus: thematic, news, educational, etc.

If you use Hola on multiple devices, you get access to your correspondence on any of them.

What else can you do with Hola?
 - create secret chats where messages are deleted after reading
 - write to the person knowing his username
 - use the fast search Hola in all sections
 - Access your correspondence from any mobile device
 - change the number to which your account is registered without losing data
Hola is an unofficial client of the Telegram messenger and uses its services, so it ensures the security of your data at the same high level.

The advantage of Hola are LIVE TRANSLATIONS!
 - available in groups and on channels, for creators and administrators
 - provide a choice of video quality before the broadcast
 - You can leave comments in the broadcast for groups
 - provides for moderation, removal of a user from the group for unacceptable comments
 - You can report a broadcast
 - the author can save the video of the broadcast
 - You can see the statistics in the history of broadcasts
 - you can specify the name for the broadcast
 - notification of the beginning of the broadcast will not allow you to skip interesting videos

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