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I can help you manage your target plan and develop good habits. Help you complete each of your small goals, small plans, small daily routines. Do you have many small plans, but it is often easy to complete the flag and it is difficult to complete. Now I can help you overcome procrastination and improve the efficiency and fun of study, work and life.

[Application Introduction]
Plan list - to help you easily complete each goal plan.
Have you ever set a plan or goal, insist on going to bed early, getting up early, running, losing weight, insisting on reading, smoking, running, losing weight... to maintain a lifestyle that you pursue. But often the goal is easy, but it is difficult to insist.
The plan list is a mobile APP that can help you overcome various difficulties, manage your daily task list, schedule, etc., help you achieve your goal, develop good habits, focus on learning growth, time management, and improve learning and living efficiency. Here you can challenge yourself and reach every plan or goal you have, and other users will also supervise and help you to achieve your goals.

【The main function】
Initiate a goal/plan: Initiate a goal plan, invite your friends to oversee you, and other users of the platform will also join in the attention and supervision of your target plan.
Punch check-in: After the target is launched, the target plan is completed and checked in every day, and you can sign in and write your feelings in the form of text pictures.
Supervision: You can invite supervisors for your events, or you can be the supervisor of other events, supervise and help others to accomplish their goals and tasks.
Onlookers: You can watch other people's events and encourage them to accomplish their goals. Then you can get money from someone else's goal!

【contact us】
Mailbox [email protected]

[Real User Rating]
Zhang Furen: I just received an offer from the University of Sydney, and I think it would be better if I knew this app earlier. Thank you.
The attack is invincible: I hate not knowing this software earlier, I found that there are so many people who want better.
Wrong footsteps: This is the first time the holiday gets up so early! Thanks for the list of plans, hahahaha~ I hope I will stick to it!
Long Qianfan: Gradually his own biological clock is forming a new rhythm. In the morning, there is no such thing as a semi-dead state. At night, there is no such thing as ink at 11:30. I used to think through this software. I also know that there are factors for immediate feedback. But I didn't think that this thing was very useful before, maybe it was my own cognition that should change.
Giorgio: It’s not easy to stick to a month... Thanks to the platform every day to accompany me to give me a firm belief that I have been confident in this journey!
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