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Get periodic taps on your Apple Watch to help you stay focused, alert, and awake.

You want to be productive, but sometimes you have trouble paying attention in class, staying awake at work, or staying focused while studying. Sometimes your head is stuck in the clouds and just needs an occasional nudge to get back in the game.

Use Nujible on your Apple Watch to get a subtle, periodic nudge that reminds you to stay awake and focused! Nujible is for those who need a tool to periodically redirect their overactive mind from persistent distraction. It is ideal for people who have trouble concentrating or staying alert, are easily distracted, or have ADHD issues.

Use Nujible to help remind you to:
:: Pay attention in class
:: Stay alert during meetings
:: Focus while reading or studying
:: Stay awake while working

From your iPhone or Apple Watch, simply set how often and how long you want to get nudged and go!

Nujible works by periodically sending a subtle and silent notification that is designed to be an encouraging reminder to get back on track. Quickly you will train your brain to treat every tap on your Apple Watch as a nudge that reminds you to ignore distractions and get your head in the game!

Nujible is free to use and only $4.99 to unlock all settings.

Defeat distractions. Fight daydreams. Conquer your wandering mind.

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Sergio Delgado