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Step On

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Step On

Easily keep track of your daily step goal, no watch needed! Be sure to keep your phone in your pocket to make sure your steps are counted.

Step On's phone application lets you set a step goal and choose your emoji. Easily see your progress to your step goal. Step On also visualizes how many steps you get per hour and compares them to each other.

Step On lets you pick an emoji to be displayed on the watch alongside your steps. Feeling festive for Autumn, the maple leaf is perfect! Really love the turtle emoji? The choice is yours. The emoji can easily be changed anytime in the phone app.

Step on integrates with the Health app to show you how any steps you get in a workout, as well as show you your movement throughout the day!

Questions? Comments? Feature requests? E-mail me at [email protected] or visit the Facebook page at
Scott Ward