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Fit with Stef

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Fit with Stef

FIT with Stef will help you smash your goals - interactive workouts for all fitness levels with healthy and delicious recipes. Feel empowered and become more comfortable with training in any environment.

FIT with Stef has a mission of helping everyone increase fitness, strength, and confidence in body and mind.

Join one of the world’s fastest-growing fitness communities and become part of the Fitty Squad! You’ll always be supported by the growing Fitty Squad Community @FIT.WITH.STEF.APP.

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Fitness and Workouts:

• Interactive, step by step workouts where I tell you exactly what exercise to do and count your rest periods with you.

• Full-body gym transformation section, 12 phases that change every 2 weeks, that is 6 months worth of workouts!

• Home transformation section, 8 phases that change every 2 weeks, that is 4 months worth of workouts from the comfort of your home. No gym required just a few pieces of equipment.

• Legs and bum gym transformation section, 6 phases that change every 2 weeks, that is 3 months worth of workouts.

• Glute Activation Routines - 12 glute burning routines to be completed before every workout.

• Core routines that will set your Abs on fire.

• High-intensity interval training and Low-intensity steady-state training.

• Weighted hypertrophy training with supersets and drop sets, plyometrics and bodyweight exercises incorporated into circuits.


• Hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes. Select from our amazing range of Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Dairy Free or Gluten-Free recipes.


• Track your progress with private side by side photos

+ Integrates with Apple's Health app, which allows you to track your calories, heart rate, and workouts! It's really awesome :)

Take control of your health and fitness and download FIT with Stef today!
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