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Bee Apiary Busy Honey Beehive

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Bee Apiary Busy Honey Beehive

• Bee Apiary Busy Honey Beehive •

Design or edit fuzzy little bees and create fun memes that you can use in chat or overlay on pictures. Show that you are a lover of honey hives who enjoys pollen, propolis, and royal jelly with an extra sticker pack that comes with this app. Express yourself with cute imagery that you can place anywhere in your messages. Generate puns with the addition of an extra watch app so you can have them ready on hand!

• Features •

- Create fun memes and generate puns
- Send stickers with your message texts
- Customize your photos with stickers in chat
- Place stickers anywhere on your messages
- Layer stickers over each other, in chat, and on photos
Andre Tobisch