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Workout Playlist Pro

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Workout Playlist Pro

***New Healthkit Integrations*** Integration with Health Kit for tracking calories and workout. Syncs seamlessly to your activity in healthkit. Workouts from both Apple Watch and iPhone will track your calorie burn and workout time and count it towards your activity ring.
+Tracks your heart rate and calories right from the 1 More Rep Apple Watch App!

I bet you struggle finding time to get in a good long workout - 1 More Rep helps you fit in bits and pieces here and there.

+Setup motion trackers that will automatically count your reps for you
+Create completely customizable workouts
+Lots of customization for your workout screen
+Assign icons to each exercise you create to help keep your organized.
+Ad free!
+Setup goals for your exercises and get results that you deserve!
+Setup reminders to help keep your goal!

Counting reps can be annoying and it can be easy to lose track. 1 More rep does this for you for just about any exercise you can think of.

Here are a list of ways you can use 1 More Rep to track your exercises and improvements.

Setup a situp tracker using motion data. Hold your phone against your chest and record your motion.

Want to sprint for 30 seconds to get your heart rate going? Setup another exercise. Call it "30s sprint", include it in your workout line up and set your goal to 30 seconds.

Want to record your pushups? Setup a workout and call it "pushups". Add the proximity tracker to your workout and add it to your lineup. Put your phone under your chest with the camera facing your chest. 1 More rep will now automatically count your pushups and how quickly you do them so you can see your improvements.

1 More Rep was made as a one in all solution for creating your own fun personalized workouts with low hassle of tracking improvements. IF YOU DO NOT SET GOALS YOU WILL NOT MAKE IMPROVEMENTS! 1 More Rep helps you set goals and monitor your progress towards those goals.
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