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The m.Care application is designed to connect a patient with their medical care team regardless of location. This app represents the patient-facing components of the platform.

m.Care allows a care team to proactively monitor the health of a patient 24/7 receiving immediate alerts and notifications of any issues that may occur with the patient's care. Apple's HealthKit is used to help gather some of those vital statistics.

By providing all the tools needed for managing patients remotely, m.Care has become more than just a remote patient monitoring is a true patient engagement platform.

The platform includes tools that can be customized to provide personalized care for the patient. Care team members develop surveys to help get a better understanding of the patient's current health situation and to recommend the best approaches to handle any situation that might arise with the patient. They monitor various biometric measures through the platform's health care device integration, understand patient’s physical fitness activities and nutritional intake using the included logging tools. Video conferencing allows for two-way HIPAA compliant teleconferencing between care team members, patients and family.

Components exist to motivate the patient to continue to work hard toward their health care goal. Educational components can be used to provide targeted medical information to the patient that is both relevant and timely in its delivery. Activities can be presented that better reinforce the principles of great health care.

The platform uniquely provides tools to allow family members, friends and other care givers the ability to work with a patient to better track and manage their health oriented data and to learn from the care team the best ways to assist their loved one as they are treated for their condition.

m.Care is a true patient engagement platform, offering a customized approach for personalized health care.

*App users should seek a doctor’s advice in addition to using this app and before making any medical decisions.
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