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Open Smrti, disperse the noise near, so that you can focus on the current affairs, to meet a free sense of breathing.
Open Smrti, remove the daily invisible yoke, let the mind unfettered drifting in the clouds, light, jumping.
Open Smrti, return to your own private space, or romantic, or unrestrained, or static as water.

- A number of charming environment sound;
- Clean and natural UX design;
- Free to switch the single and mix mode;
- Efficient and simple mixing operation;
- Immersive playback experience;
- Dark mode, can easily use in the dark;
- Start a play task, do not forget to wake up from a dream.

Smrti also supported Apple Watch. Using the Apple Watch on the well-built interface interaction, you do not have to pick up the iPhone can be fast and efficient operation control. In the Apple Watch, I almost provide all the features on the iPhone (Mix adjustment, play control and iPhone volume control), we are waiting for you at all times.
qushun zhang