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Newtek Merchant Solutions

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Newtek Merchant Solutions

Newtek Gateway lets you transform any Apple device into a complete checkout tool with diverse payment options, security features, and inventory management tools. Download the app today to start selling products on the go, capture payments in a retail store or process securely, anywhere in between. 

This application allows you to safely and securely process cash, credit card and check transactions from your device and manage inventory directly from a built-in database. Paired with compatible card swipers and Bluetooth receipt printers, accepting secure payments for any type of business is made simple with the Newtek Gateway POS application. Please note a merchant account from Newtek is required to use this application.  

All transactions, data and orders are stored in a Level-1 PCI Compliant payment gateway. If your device is lost, stolen or damaged, just log in to the application on another device and recover your transactions, orders and batches through an automatic sync with our console. 

Application Features:

• Card Swiper, Barcode Scanner and Receipt Printer Compatibility

• Securely swipe credit cards with the PaySaber Jack, PaySaber Clip, PaySaber Jr. and Infinite Peripherals card readers.
• Wirelessly print receipts and scan barcodes with the WSP-R240i Bluetooth printer or hook up to a Star TSP143 LAN printer.  

• Cash Transactions: 
Cash is one of many acceptable payment methods within this application and capabilities allow cash transactions to be recorded for transaction history reporting.

• Customer Management and Payments: Create and manage customer accounts including preferred payment method for quick, easy and secure transactions for return customers.  

• Split Orders: This application supports and records orders even when split payment types are used to ensure accurate transaction history reports. 

• Product Management and Inventory Control: Load your product database into the application to manage inventory and generate reports.

• Order, Transaction History, and Batch Management: 
View a detailed report of orders and transactions processed on your merchant account.

• Permissions: 
Permission options allow you to set varying standards of security for users or employees utilizing your point of sale system.

• Quick Sales/Refund Against Previous Transactions
• Using Tokenization
 to quickly and securely process a quick sale or refund using the option of free tokenization.  

• Connects unlimited Apple devices to one gateway account and stores transactions for the life of account.

• Includes full feature fraud suite and manager.

• A QuickBooks plugin is available for reporting and integration.

• Easily download and share transaction history reports

• Works with major eCommerce shopping carts integrated with the gateway.

• Free online customizable payment forms available.
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