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Sleep Talk

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Sleep Talk

Listen to your Sleep from Apple Watch!

With watchOS 4 and the new background recording — monitor the noises that occur while your eyes are shut each night.

Using a Speech Detection Algorithm, Sleep Talk only records when it hears fluctuations in sound that mimic human vocals*. Scrubbing through hours of audio each morning, and large audio file sizes are a thing of the past.

• Record directly from your Apple Watch (Enable Do No Disturb while using)
• Listen and scrub with the Digital Crown through your night's sound from your Watch after you wake
• Can be used worn, or placed charging bedside (recommended for first gen and 38mm watches)**
• Stores the 3 most recent nights on the watch
• Syncs in the background with the iPhone app for a full archive
• Share the audio from the iPhone app
• Optionally save your asleep/in bed duration to Health
• Integrates with the sleep tracking app, Sleep Pulse 3 Motion, to provide your potential sleep talk recordings from your night with a sleep analysis. Check out the app, "Sleep Pulse 3 Motion" for more info.

Quick Tips:

1. Before using Sleep Talk, you must swipe up on your Watch face screen to enable Do Not Disturb mode. This is important in order for the app to continuously record throughout the night, as any notifications may interrupt the recording and your sleep!
2. If placing bedside on a table, desk, or stand ensure the microphone opening(s) are not covered. The openings are located on the bottom left side of the watch and can occur as either one or two holes depending on watch model.
3. To end the listening and save the recording each morning firmly press on the record view for options.
4. Enabling "Theater Mode", which is beside "Do Not Disturb", on the watch control center will ensure the screen will only wake upon touch while you sleep. (The Apple Watch will not light up unless tapped)

*Because a robust processing backend for speech detection isn't practical for the Apple Watch, detection is done on the device in real time to its best ability with the sensors and processing power. Fluctuations in decibels (sound) that mimic the human voice is what Sleep Talk is listening for each night. Because of this fans, hums, clocks, crickets, etc won't initiate recordings. Though this also means the algorithm isn't perfect, if worn to bed direct contact with the microphone opening, shuffling of sheets, or different sleeping positions could cause false positives. Most nights (unless you are a prolific sleep talker) will have less than 3 minutes of audio recorded... even less if not worn and placed bedside.*

**Best used when placed on the charger bedside. If worn on wrist activating airplane mode will lessen its energy use; ensure before wake airplane mode is disabled so the data may sync with your iPhone.**

***Sleep Talk requires an Apple Watch with watchOS 4 or greater to record sleep audio, iPhone dedicated recording coming in a future update***

Information on Sleep Talking:
Spencer Brown