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Bully Button for Parents and Kids

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Bully Button for Parents and Kids

Bully Button is a parenting app which helps to record bullying actions against kids. Kids can easily record it and send the recording to the parents as well as to the school authority.

The parent-kid app will be controlled by the parents while, the school app will be controlled by the school authorities.

The parents-kid app is separated into two modules Parent module and Kid module. The Parent module will be controlled by Parent, while the kid will use the Kid module.

- To start with, the parent need to add kid’s profile into the application. Once it is registered with the server, the parent will get an access key. This access key is used by the kid to login to the application.

- Parent have the authority to add kid’s information as well as add in important contact numbers like Dad, Mom, School as well as emergency contact numbers.

- Parent can add in the information of the school with the profile of the kid. Once the details are registered on the server, he/she will receive an access key. The school then needs to use this access key and configure it to link-up with the kid’s account in the School app. Parent can link up different school names with the different kids profiles.

- Whenever a bully is recorded by the kid, it will be send both to the parent and school along with location and an option to post comments.

- The dashboard of the parent app will show all the bully records recorded so far by his/her kids while, the dashboard of the School app will show all the bully records recorded by the kids in the school.

- Whenever a kid is bullied, he or she can directly record the bully and send it to the Parent app and School app.

- They can even make call to the contacts added in the Kid module of the app by the parent.

Apple Watch Application

The Parent-kid app module comes with a Watch app.

- The parent and the kid can pair the watch with iPhone and start using the app. Both of them can simply login the iPhone to start using the Watch app.

- Whenever the kid will record a bully on the Watch app, the parent will receive a notification.

- On the Watch app, parent can view the last three bully records and listen to it while, the kid will get the access to the important phone contacts like Dad, Mom, School and Emergency contact number.

By making use of the app parents and school authorities will be able to safeguard the kids from any kind of bullying actions. For kids it is a boon as they can stay in contact with the important people in their life and stay safe.