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Quickly get random results and never need to hold up a board game to search for missing dice again!

Presets for Quick Access
Quickly get a random result from a number of preset dice options, draw a card from a traditional playing deck, or flip a coin.

Coin Flip Widget
HighRoller includes a Widget that allows you to quickly swipe over from your home screen and get a coin flip result.

Apple Watch App
All of the preset types are included in an Apple Watch app that you can carry on your wrist. Quickly launch into the app from the watch face complication and tap to roll a D20!

Custom Random Range
Quickly get a random number in any custom range that you enter under the Custom Range tab. All you need to do is enter the beginning and ending numbers of the range you’d like to use and tap the Roll button. Calculations are designed to be fast so you can quickly and easily get a set of results!
Peter Mostoff